what is this?

a place to give thanx. an opportunity to acknowledge how truly rich we are in this life. an invitation - to myself and to all of you bloggers/readers - to balance out life's energies. a reminder of all the joys of life, love, nature, humanity and the universe.

seeing so much pain, suffering, loss, illness and death has taught me the value of joy, satisfaction, health and life. so much swirls about us all that desperately needs fixing. that downright sucks. but so much swirls around us that radiates light, love, sweetness, joy, purity.

if we only open our eyes to these tiniest shards and shreds of existence, we expand our possibilities. and challenge ourselves in the process. sometimes its serious and deep, and sometimes, silly and inconsequential. but its all about le joie de vivre!

and that's what this blog exist to do. to generate positive energy and light. to erode that complacency that breeds apathy. its all so friable, lets treasure every little thing that brings joy! i don't pretend to have the market cornered on grace, so if you have something you wanna contribute here, email me and i will make you a contributor to joie de vivre.

Monday, October 23, 2006

moving on -

to the new place.
those of you that know ... know.
and those that don't ... hmmm.
sucks to be you, don't it?

peace out, dudes.

go smoke a fatty. you're probably way too uptight!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

beta blogger and template hackers

beta blogger rulz ... the bugs - they're getting worked out. and did you know there are some brilliant template hackers out there? check it ... hackosphere and check this one too - kewl templates. and have you tried the new beta blogger? why not? are ya gonna wait 'til ya got no choice and then gripe gripe gripe about how shitty it is? c'mon! change is GOOD. learn. inform yourselves. PROGRESSION MEANS GROWTH. GROWTH sometimes HURTS a little. dig in! and be thankful that you can.

Monday, October 02, 2006

splendid art

furiae - check out this artist ... truly a gift to this earth! her name is linda bergkvist.